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Ecowater Systems, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, manufactures 1 out of every 3 residential automatic water softeners sold in the US. In fact today, EcoWater Systems stands as the world's largest manufacturer of residential water treatment equipment. EcoWater Systems of Dekalb, is a premier, factory authorized provider of Residential and Commercial Sales and Rentals for homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and restaurants. We offer a full line of water softeners, water filters, and drinking water systems each addressing specific water conditions.

Our premium line of dealer products includes:

The Latest Technology for Water Treatment. HydroLinkPlus® Wi-Fi and Smartphone App Monitoring- Wi-Fi enabled technology sends continuous and excessive water use, system error, low salt and service reminder alerts, including a water-to-drain sensing alert notifying you when an excessive amount of water is going to drain. Patented Electronics Digital Demand Module-Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use electronics capture historical usage patterns to predict future needs for precise regenerations. See our full line of EcoWater Products."


Softeners / Conditioners for:

  • Stains on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing
  • Build-up or etching on glassware
  • Damage due to scale in your pipes and appliances
  • Less lather from your shampoo and soap
  • Soap scum in the shower and tub
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Problem Water Filters for:

  • Rotten Egg Smell, Bad Taste or Odors
  • Iron - Rust Water
  • Excessive chlorine and hardness associated with city water
  • Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates,Radium and other contaminants
  • Low pH damaging copper or galvanized pipes and water heaters
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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for:

  • Tastes and odors in drinking water
  • Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, and other contaminants



Water Softener Salt - EcoWater Systems offers the best value in Softening Salt, stocking Premium Solar Salt in 50 lb bags. We also carry Iron Magic TM as a salt additive and Potassium Permanganate for green sand filters. Our salt is available in store and for delivery.

Ice melting salt - We also carry Melt Away in 50 lb bags and Calcium Chloride can be ordered. We also carry 2,000 lb totes. Our ice melting salts are available for in store pick up and delivery.